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19th Aug 2011

A wet room can transform your home. Not only does it open up space and make a poky and dark bathroom look much bigger, but it can even add value to your home! Estate Agents have estimated that houses with a wet room are selling at a premium of up to £10,000!

Your wet room can be creative or simplistic, traditional or contemporary. There are hundreds of different styles you can go for, and each one is lovingly tailored to what you want and how you live.
So what are the ingredients for a gorgeous wet room?

Well firstly, choose a great shower. Do you fancy a completely open plan shower or a more discreet, corner shower? Or perhaps you want to go all out and have a few shower heads to create that desired spa bathroom. And remember, you donít have to stick to a shower, maybe a bath takes your fancy; there are no strict rules in choosing your desired wet room!

Beautiful tiling is essential in your wet room. You can make a feature of your walls by having tiles designed in to images, or keep it simple by choosing stunning two-tone tiles. For a classy look, keep the tiles on the walls and on the floor the same or similar.

Under floor heating and heated radiators will keep the room cozy. Walking across a freezing cold floor isnít pleasant!

Plenty of light is essential to brighten every surface of the room. Combine spot lights with low lighting for a modern and relaxed feel.

Think about where the utilities feature in your wet room. Perhaps you could wall mount WCís and basins, which will open up floor space and create clean lines in the room.

Great ventilation is necessary to avoid that steam-room affect in your wet room.

Wet rooms are great for smaller bathrooms that canít accommodate a whole bathroom suite- but beware small bathroom owners! Donít use dark, small tiles in your room as itíll make the place look much smaller.

As you can see, thereís a lot to consider in the construction of your wet room! Thatís why you should contact Roman Elements. We can plan the layout of your bathroom to a tee. We manage every stage of your plan, from the initial design ideas to its building.

Contact us today for more information!
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