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Blog » Latest News » Terracotta Floors
28th Aug 2012

Terra Cotta – from the Italian meaning “baked earth. These beautiful tiles in shades of red and brown can bring a warm look to any floor in your home. It can also be combined with stone, wood or other materials. The limit is your imagination.

Terracotta is resistant to sunlight, maintaining its colour unchanged over the years, even in places of great exposure and it is resistant to shock and temperature changes.

The floor is easy to maintain, sweep or vacuum regularly to remove all dirt and use a care product such as “Lithofin Easy Care”. General household cleaners may be too aggressive and are likely to damage the sealants and finishes applied.

For most domestic floors it will be necessary to apply additional coats of wax from time to time. The frequency will be dictated by the wear the floor receives. If a build-up of wax becomes visible, reduce the frequency of waxing. Likewise, if the tiles are marking or look dull and dry, increase the frequency.

If the idea of a warm floor appeals, then consider the installation of under-tile heating.Radiant heating is extremely efficient and the lack of moving air can also be advantageous to people with severe allergies.

The tiles in the photograph are from Fired Earth.

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